Frequently Asked Questions

Lost Provence FAQ


What's the weather like in Provence?


The weather in Provence is very comparable to napa valley weather. The months of April, May, September and October are mild (70-75 F) during the day and cool at night (50 F). June and September are usually warmer during the day (80-85 F) and mild at night (60-70 F).  Typically sunny, rain showers can occur in Provence in the months of May and September . Also the Mistral wind blows often offering a constant breeze to the region.



What if it rains during our trip?


If heavy rains are present during parts of the tour certain activities will be rescheduled or replaced by indoor activities. Churches, castles, wineries, local factories, pottery makers, art galleries, museums are all within a short drive of our hotel and will fill in for outdoor activities. Certain activities such as biking or boat excursions will also have to be replaced or reschedule due to strong winds. 



Are the tours in English?


The Tours are all in English and made for English speakers. Many store owners also speak english and menus at restaurants are often translated.



How much physical activity would we do?


You don't have to be an athlete to take part in our tour. However you will have to walk often, all of our walks are very easy with a few hill climbs. Our guests always have options on our trip not to do the walks. If you don't feel up to it, our second driver will take you to the meeting point or you might even want to enjoy a cold beverage at one of the many side street cafes. As you pack your bag remember to bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes.


What is the structure of lost provence?


Lost Provence LLC is registered in the State of Texas. Our offices are in Rockwall, TX and our secondary office is located in Cuges Les Pins, France. The co owners are Yvan and Kristin Jayne


What type of visa/passport do I need?


All travelers are required to have a valid passport. Travelers from the United States are exempted from visas but still need a valid passport in order to enter the country. All non US citizens should check with their governments for entry requirements. All of our guests should also make a copy of their passports to leave at the hotel in case of lost.




What type of meals are included?


All meals are a mix of local cuisine. Including meats, fruits, vegetables and dairies. Provence cuisine is somehow similar to Italian cuisine and other Mediterranean foods. If you are on a special diet or have allergies you should notice Lost Provence at the time of reservation. All meals include premium local wines, sodas and water.


Can you make my airline and or train reservations?


Unfortunately we are not accredited to make reservations for you but we will direct you and walk you step by step with your airline and train reservations if you wish so.