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Born and raised in Provence, Yvan Jayne moved to the United States at the age of 16 to pursue his dream of competing in professional rodeo. Hard work and dedication earned him a full scholarship to Sam Houston State University as part of the collegiate rodeo team. Following graduation, Yvan fulfilled his dream of competing at the professional level. The experience allowed him the opportunity to travel the world from all parts of Europe, through South America, the U.S. and Canada. Knowing that his southern France roots would eventually lead him back home., Yvan is using the years spent showing friends and family from the United States the secrets of Provence as the foundation of Lost Provence Tours.

A native Texan, Kristin was raised in the Dallas area and after graduating from Sam Houston State with a bachelors of business administration, headed back to her home turf to work in client services for local professional sports teams including the Dallas Mavericks. Kristin met Yvan years after their time at SHSU at a rodeo in Mesquite, Texas. During her first trip to France, Kristin immediately fell in love not only with the country, but its people and way of life. Now married to Yvan, with a beautiful daughter, she is excited to share the treasures of her adopted home.


What makes us different...

Lost Provence Tours was born from the love of a family for their native and adopted land.
Developed to awaken the senses of our guests, Lost Provence Tours creates a feel no other tour can match. Our guests are treated….well, as our guests, not as tourists.

The crafting of our tours was several years in the making using extensive research to create the perfect experience. We searched for and found the lovers of Provence. The wine crafters, the cheese makers, the guides, the bee keepers, the olive producers, the orchard producers. They are all passionate about what they do, all are in love with Provence and its way of life, and excited to share it. Whether you are 16 or 70, our 6 day tour will fill your heart with unforgettable memories.

So awaken your senses with Lost Provence Tours. Enjoy the smell of the sweet lavender, experience the unique taste of Provence wines, discover the hidden treasures of ancient Provence, listen to the mistral wind caressing the olive trees, feel the peacefulness of Provence.
Discover lost provence and rediscover yourself.









Lost Provence


    Anyone who has done a cruise or large group tour wonders: Is there a road less traveled?  Spectacular scenic overlooks, local interaction, authentic eateries where the palate is tantalized by native grown foods and dishes.  If you have entertained any or many of these thoughts, then you need to allow Lost Provence, French Tours to host your next adventure.


    The owner operator, Yvan Jayne, grew up in the France’s Provence region.  He is passionate about showing and sharing his love for this part of France.  A group of 4-8 individuals will enjoy six days of exploring the countryside, staying in a local B&B that serves ample creative breakfasts and then heading out to explore the region. What you see and how you see it is largely up to you.  We chose bicycles (with electric motors for the hills); hiking across a mountain range and ending up at spectacular waterfalls; exploring a cave at 3,000 feet elevation where Mary Magdalene spent her later days; seeing the rugged Mediterranean coast line up close by boat; horse back riding in the countryside “blazing a trail”;, learning how goat cheese is produced, and prepared for market; discovering where paint pigment is mined; enjoying unobstructed breath taking panoramic scenic views; eating dinners at quaint places the locals prefer and enjoying wines from the immediate region.  Then there is the sensory overload of the open air market where the villagers go to get their food and household needs fulfilled.  One can visit an internationally know perfumery that is close to two hundred years old.  You might find your personal fragrance while there.  Art, antiquities, wineries more your style, no problem, with a small group you choose.


    Yvan treats his tour guests as family, sensitive to personal needs and capabilities.  In all the traveling I have done in the last forty years, (cruises, group tours, individual trips etc) this was the most enjoyable, interesting, memorable and personable.  It was worth every penny!  I would certainly do another Lost Provence adventure in the future. 


Peter B.

San Antonio TX, Sept 2014 Trip

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